first season 6 patches !

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first season 6 patches ! Empty first season 6 patches !

Post by Soufflenuit on Thu 28 Jan - 5:43

Grouped sum up of patches 6.1 and 6.2 : big part of minor stuff, but still some things to be aware of :


☼ caitlyn : her trap is now more effective against small sized champions.
☼ kha'zix : his jump's (E) range (the basic one) is increased. (the upgraded jump's range is unchanged). Also, he can now cast one spell before he lands, which will be automatically used at the very moment he lands.
☼ teemo : you probably didn't miss this one, but he can now stealth himself when keeping on moving,while being in a bush.
☼ trundle : he can't bite (use his Q) against tower anymore, which is good. also his spells cost more mana.
☼ mundo is nerfed : spell's damage and cooldowns.
☼ gangplank : 20 more seconds cooldown on his R at 6, 11 and 16.
☼ kindred : a bit nerfed on damage and mana costs.
☼ rengar : a bit nerfed, but will still OS everyone.
☼ tahm kench : passive and R's passive nerfed.

☼ the AP enchantement on jungler item : it's not more called runeglaive but runics echoes. it now has the same passive than luden, and thus does not stack. so no more fiddlesticks, evelynn, or ap shaco, with both these items, because it doesn't trigger anymore.
☼ rift's herald hurts a bit less
☼ consummable elixirs can now be purchased while being dead
☼ phantom dancer is back ! the move speed has been split. from the initial 12% u get within 500 units, there are 7% left. the missing 5% have become a permanent speed buff.
☼ statikk shiv : the bonus damage on minions is doubled.
☼ 5% more armor penetration on both Last Whisper upgrades. (mortal reminder and dominik's regards)
☼ morellonomicon and athena unholy grail cost 150 and 100 less !!

☼ Ferocity keystones (bloodlust, fervor, and deathfire) are all buffed.

the new shen and jhin are coming in the next week !

Links :
fr : 6.1 6.2
ger : 6.1 6.2
eng : 6.1 6.2

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first season 6 patches ! Empty Re: first season 6 patches !

Post by sqAree on Thu 28 Jan - 17:41

Wtf @ the Caitlyn change. xD
I guess some of the nerfes were just needed.
The buffs of Athena and Morello are cool.. Midlaners can do more stuff earlier in the game.

I haven't looked at the new Shen yet.

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